Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Proper Theology

Foto de Mario Pina.

This week we have an other class for the Bible Institute Students. We prepared the material and food and Pastor Edivanio Silva is teaching. He will be teaching Proper Theology.
I was speaking this past week with Dejanina, one of the ladies from church, she shared with me how a couple of Mormon missionaries showed up at her door and she spoke with them. She said now I really need to be in all of the Bible Insitute classes so that I will be able to defend my faith better. Dejanina has a four month old baby, it is good to see her desire to come even when it is not convenient for her at this time of her life. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Foto de Mario Pina.Foto de Mario Pina.Foto de Mario Pina.Foto de Mario Pina.
It has been so fun to have Pat B. here from Oregon. She is giving a month of her time to come and help us at the school and she brought us many great books. She also organized Thanksgiving day for us at the school. Even though it is not part of our history, we have seen that it is always good to stop a day and give thanks to God for his many blessings. Mrs. B. told the story of the pilgrims, Squanto and God´s faithfulness and even with translation all the children were listening carefully. We want to thank her for investing her time and resources for the Kingdom.
Foto de Mario Pina.

Family Visit

I am so thankful for my family. It is when we spend some time with them that we realize what we are missing. It was so fun to have my sister LiAnne and my mom come visit me and meet baby Joanna, and my dad was able to pop in for 3 days on his way to India.
Foto de Starla McCain Kull.

My dad, a great handyman with a servants heart, instaled insulation in our attic. The last couple of winters have been very cold, and we are feeling the differance already of having it installed.
Foto de Starla McCain Kull.
Foto de Starla McCain Kull.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Could you serve in Portugal?

This past weekend we had our mission´s conference. It has been very encouraging to get to know several missionary families from Brazil, who we have partnered with, to plant churches here in Portugal. Pastor Wesley was here setting up the last few things before he moves with his family. They are planning on moving here in February.  There is an other family moving here in November.
It is heart moving to see the faith of these families coming from a poorer nation, raising support from many small churches. To come to Portugal, known to be a graveyard for Missionaries. Still the numbers say that Portugal has about .5% of Evangelical Christians. We need strong believers, missionaries and evangelist that will preach to this lost nation. Could God be calling you to be a part of this church planting team?
Lunch with pastor Wesley at the Sousa´s home.

Wednesday night prayer meeting for missions.

Tiago and Pastor Wesley.

Children singing during mission conference.

Pastor Jenuã, director of our partner mission Maranata.

October Update

The men have a wonderful trip to Spain, it took them longer than expected to get there, but when they arrived they had a weekend that was very edifying to them as individuals and as church leaders. Since then they have been working on their home work and tasked that were asked of them.
Foto de Mario Pina.
Cuban Theologian Elvis Carballosa, one of Mários professors.

God has also been bringing new people to our church. It seems that every Sunday there is someone new. A few people has stuck around and it is a challenge for us to be able to meet with them, explain the Gospel to them and invite them to trust and follow Jesus.  Please pray that the Lord would transform their lives and give them new life in Christ. Every time we speak with unbelievers we see how lost they are and how much bitterness they live with. It makes us reflect on how are lives could have been and from what God has rescued us.

Our church had it´s 30th Anniversary. It is a privilege to be part of what God is doing here across the river from Lisbon. We had a special celebration of God´s faithfulness.
Foto de Mario Pina.